The EGIDA's approach to a sustainable GEO has been presented at the GEO European Projects Workshop (GEPW-6), Rome (Italy) May 7-8
EGIDA’s approach to a sustainable GEO


The EGIDA Project has been presented at the EGU General Assembly Meeting in the Earth and Space Science Informatics division programme, Vienna (Austria) 3-8 April 2011
EGIDA presentation


The EGIDA Project has been presented at the 16th STC Meeting – Sydney (Australia), 14-15 April 2011
State of activities


On 18th and 19th April 2011 the National Use Cases Workshop took place at ISPRA, in Rome. Following all the relevant presentations:

National Use Cases Workshop updated agenda

EGIDA Methodology, Mazzetti

GEArchitecture, Cipolloni

GEO Italy, Dalla Costa - Crowdsourcing to improve Landcover Validation, IIASA

GIIDA presentation, Mazzetti

GMOS, Pirrone Cinnirella

Harmonization of geological data across Europe, Pantaloni

Interoperability of waters and soil data quality, Tartari

Italian SoS, Mazzetti Bonora

Italy contribution to the GEO Carbon Tasks, Bombelli

Lessons learned in the IDE-UNIVERS project, Maso

OneGeology Europe, Janssen

Presentation on Eionet role, Podgaiska

SINAnet, Bonora

The Earthquake Enviromental Effects catalogue, Guerrieri

UK Enviromental Observation Framework

UKGEO, Greenaway Marsh


From 9th to 11th May 2011 the 1st Joint Workshop of the EGIDA Stakeholder Network and Advisory Board, Connecting GEOSS and its Stakeholders in Science and Technology, took place at the University of Bonn. Here you can find all the relevant presentations:

Using New Media to connect to Stakeholders In All Social Benefit Areas by Bente Lilja Bye

Global Water System Project (GWSP) Support Mechanism by Janos Bogardi

Oucomes of the EGIDA Workshop on the National initiatives for implementing GEO/GEOSS by Nico Bonora

Call for Porposals: Earth Observations in Decision Support by Douglas Cripe

2011 Work Plan Symposium by Douglas Cripe

Geo and Science: Identifying research priorities for the near future by J.-L. Fellous and J. Béquignon

Introducing the Science and Technology Roadmap by J. Hoffmann

Science and Technology Roadmap - current progress by J. Hoffmann

Environment Agency Austria by H. Haubold

Workshop Goals and Expected Outcomes by H-P. Plag

Mapping (EGIDA/GEOSS) Stakeholders and STC Road Map by H-P. Plag

Membership, Activity Plan, and Working Mode of the EGIDA Stakeholder Network by H-P. Plag

Promoting Awareness and Benefits of GEO -EGIDA WP3 by I. McCallum

Improving the Linkages between the GEOSS Agricultural Monitoring Task and Science &Technlogy by C. Justice and I.B. Reshef

GEO/EGIDA: Engaging policy makers with a focus on the ERANETs by A. Kaloudis and P.M. Koch

Governance of international co-operation on science, technology and innovation to address the global challenges of climate change, energy & food security by P. Koch

EGIDA WP5 Dissemination and Outreach by R. Lefevre

Infrastructure for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Research by W. Los

EGIDA Methodology and use-cases by P. Mazzetti

The Role of the EGIDA Stakeholder Network in the GEO and GEOSS Context by M. Nyenhuis

An Update in International Global Environmental Change Research Activities: Belmont Forum and IGFA by M. Uhle

EC contribution to R&D in GEO by G. Ollier

Marine Ecosystem Dynamics and Indicators for North Africa by R. Pastres

User Oriented Workshops for GEOSS Outreach and Feedback by F. Pearlman

GMOS Global Mercury Observation System by N. Pirrone and S. Cinnirella

AQ Community of Practice by M. Schultz and R. Husar

Catalyzing Research & Development Funding for GEOSS - Task ST-09-01 by S. Marsh, K. Fontaine, B. Lilja Bye

"Development of a GEOSS Gap Analysis Strategy" by S. Minchin

EGIDA Coordinating Earth and environmental cross-disciplinary projects to promote GEOSS by S. Nativi

Stakeholder Network and Advisory Board and Their Relevance for EGIDA and GEO by S. Nativi

IEEE R8's in EGIDA as a GEOSS Stakeholder by S. Sinha

TÜBITAK's Role in EGIDA as a GEOSS Stakeholder by T. Özalp

Architecture Implementation Pilot a Vehicle for New GEO S&T Action by A. Trakas

University of Belgrade and its Role in EGIDA as a GEOSS Stakeholder by I. Vasiljevic

Earth Information Needs of UNCCD by V. Castillo

Research Data and Infrastructures A Funder's Perspective by S. Winkler-Nees


Please find NEWSLETTER 2, by R. Lefevre


EGIDA presentation poster for the AGU Fall Meeting in San Francisco (5-9 December 2011)

  • 22-27 July 2012, EGIDA exhibits at IGARSS, Munich, Germany

    IGARSS'12 Exhibitors

  • 7-8 May 2012, 6th GEO EUROPEAN PROJECTS' WORKSHOP, Rome, Italy

    Workshop report

    EGIDA’s approach to a sustainable GEO (Stefano Nativi,CNR,IT)

  • 24th April 2012, European Geosciences Union (EGU) , Vienna, Austria

    During the EGU Splinter Session meeting: "The Science & Technology challenges for GEOSS (Global Earth Observation System of Systems)" Dr. Stefano Nativi and Dr. Hans-Peter Plag will give a speech about "The contribution of EGIDA" in the GEOSS and the Science and Technology community


    Link to the meeting programme

  • 25-27 January 2012, EuroGEOSS final conference (EGIDA supported such an event),
    Madrid, Spain


  • 13 March 2012, EGIDA presented at the HYPOX Final Meeting

    In the final meeting of the FP7 Project HYPOX (In situ monitoring of oxygen depletion in hypoxic ecosystems of coastal and open seas, and land-locked water bodies) Stefano Nativi will give a talk about "EGIDA presentation: strengthening GEOSS effectiveness and implementation."

  • 16 February 2012, GEO, GMES and national activities in Slovenia, Ljubljana, Slovenia

    The workshop was organized in the context of OBSERVE, BalkanGeoNet and EGIDA FP7 projects to inform the audience on the latest developments regarding International and Slovenian Earth Observation activities.

    Link to the workshop

  • 5-9 December 2011, AGU Fall Meeting 2011, San Francisco, California, USA

    Link to the meeting web site

    Link to the EGIDA presentation poster

  • 12-13 Sept. 2011: 17th Meeting of the GEO Science and Technology Committee.

    The 17th Meeting of the GEO STC will take place on 12-13 September in Salzburg, Austria.

    Link to the Meeting programme.

  • Joint Workshop with BalkanGEONet and OBSERVE

    18-19 November 2011: the JOINT WORKSHOP with BalkanGEONet and OBSERVE will take place in Istanbul back to back to GEO Plenary VIII EXHIBITION.

    Here the link

  • Press release  - Almanacco della Scienza

    On the "Almanacco della Scienza", a magazine by CNR, the following press release about EGIDA was published on 4th May, 2011:

    Link to the article

  • National Use Cases Workshop, ISPRA, Rome, 18-19 April 2011

    In Rome, on 18th and 19th April, a Workshop is being organized to identify best practices and their commonalities within GEOSS for possible replication, as well as gaps to be filled at national and/or regional level.

    Link to the Workshop programme

  • Earthzine newsletter

    This is an on-line source for news, articles, information and educational materials about Earth Science, Earth observations and users of Earth information for the international Earth-observing community. They publish every month a Newsletter with highlights of the main Earthzine news.

    Here the link to subscribe

  • First EGIDA Advisory Board and Stakeholders Network meeting
    in the framework of the GEO/EGIDA Workshop: "Connecting GEOSS and its Stakeholders in Science and Technology", 9-11th May 2011, University of Bonn, Germany.

    Link to Website

  • EGU General Assembly, 03 – 08 April 2011, Vienna
    The EGIDA project will be presented at the EGU General assembly meeting in the Earth and Space Science Informatics division programme.

    Link to EGU 2011 GA
    Link to ESSI progamme

  • KICK-OFF meeting: on 27th September in Rome the KO meeting takes
    place in Rome at ISPRA.

    Link to the Outcomes